In the last few months, there was only one overriding issue here at Krones: theDrinttec 2017.。这是世界上最大的国际饮料行业的贸易博览会,而Krones则在B6大厅举行令人奇迹,衡量约为11000平方米。欧宝娱乐平台入口我自己也在那里有一天,欣赏克朗斯在展会上的创新的高潮。欧宝娱乐平台入口不仅如此:我还从那里从信息管理中访问了我的同事。首先,那些每四年的人确保所有IT技术都完美地工作,而且练架上的团队可以尽可能地完成他们的工作,就好像他们坐在中办事处。此支持团队在公平的整个周的整个周的现场,如果打印机失败,则提供迅速的帮助,或者如果有IT基础架构还有其他问题。这是时候说:做得好的人,你再次做了一份辉煌的工作 - 我们都感谢欣赏!


什么是“按需装瓶”?为了满足消费者对最大广泛的选择,我们的客户必须能够立即响应个性化要求。对于DrintTEC,开发了一个试点系统,能够展示未来产品中的方式,可以立即填写和包装 - 无需拣选,没有仓储。

And what is meant by the term “Augmented Reality”? It denotes computer-aided extension of how we perceive reality. If you occasionally watch a football match on TV, then you must have seen distances being superimposed on the picture for free kicks with the aid of a circle or a line. This is augmented reality.

So, now all the explanations are out of the way, I’ll tell you precisely what was on show at the fair. When I arrived, the stand was really crowded, and all my colleagues were talking to clients. So first of all, I watched the video, which shows a summary of the guide tour round the stand, and then I could hardly wait to finally experience hands-on what I’d just seen.

下一个停止是一个高表,我发现了必需的数据眼镜 - 在我们的情况下是Microsoft Hololens。

The whole thing now came into focus, quite literally. My colleague Viktor Kister explained to me how the glasses worked, and how to adjust them properly on my face. I have to say, it wasn’t all that easy: even a slight change to the angle has a sizeable effect on your field of view. You have to experiment a bit before you arrive at the right position. And if you wear glasses yourself anyway, then it gets a bit more complicated. But at last the glasses were properly positioned, and I could start.

全息透镜使我自己开始熟悉Bottling on Demand. The system on show at the drinktec comprised three modules: the bottle feed on the left, direct bottle printing in the middle, and on the right the bottle was filled and closed. With the glasses, I was able to see the real machine and in addition a digital model of the machine. Furthermore, real-time data were superimposed, such as the order ID of the bottle to be produced, the number of bottles produced and the machine’s current status. This means the user has the machine and the production data directly in his field of view.

我所做的一件事就是把自己放在一个钳工身上,该钳工是修理将瓶子移动到瓶子打印机的夹具手臂,并且为此目的接收虚拟服务和安装手册。我把自己放在机器的中间模块前面。模拟显示了我如何逐步拆除夹具臂:这是用书面指示和通过分解图来可视化的。I thought it was absolutely fascinating, and I can well understand that this will make maintenance or repair jobs quite a lot easier for our service technicians – after all, you’re guided step by step through the entire operation, and get precise instructions and drawings.



Once I took the glasses off, I was back in reality, and it was time to say a sincere thank you once again to Viktor Kister and his team for all their excellent work and for taking me along on a journey to the centre of the machine.