Economical high-pressure homogenizer from HST

HST Maschinenbau GmbH目前正在展示其最强大的high-pre吗ssure homogenizer at theAnuga FoodTec. The HL6-250K homogenizer exhibited handles up to 27,000 litres per hour at 250 bar and is particularly well suited for increasing the physical stability of UHT milk, milk-based mixed drinks, UHT desserts and fruit juices. The HL6 in six-piston design can be constructed as a non-aseptic or optionally as an aseptic machine. The aseptic version is flexible in its direction of flow, and can on request be fitted with high-quality measuring instruments for temperature and flow rate.

Besides its high throughput, the HL6 also scores highly in terms of its comparatively low consumption of media and energy: thanks to demand-responsive control and ingenious automation, water consumption can be downsized by up to 25 per cent. Moreover, the HST MultiGap valve used reduces energy consumption by likewise up to 25 per cent. The homogenizing valve exerts a crucial influence on the product quality desired – and the requisite energy consumption. MultiGap is an ultra-efficient homogenizing valve in which (depending on the throughput range involved) several high-precision valve gaps are arranged. It has been configured for a multiplicity of emulsions and dairy products. Thanks to an optimum degree of turbulence, MultiGap is able to reduce the homogenizing pressure required, and this while maintaining the same output. That creates direct energy savings – and makes the HL6 a role model of economy among the high-pressure homogenizers.

HST can draw upon long decades of experience in manufacturing high-pressure homogenizers and piston pumps. The company has since 2014 been part of the Krones Group, complementing its process engineering capabilities with additional key technologies.