At the K show I was invited to give a presentation at the VDMA booth. What I was probably supposed to do is to tell the audience about the contributions that Krones can give in the context of circular economy.

What was expected

This task is easy – we have everything from recycling plants over preform production (thanks to acquisitions and subsidiaries like MHT and IPS), the complete beverage line up to the finished pallet. And now – since fall 2019 – also a cooperation with the sorting line specialist Stadler Anlagenbau GmbH.


  • 欧宝娱乐平台入口用于宠物瓶和其他塑料材料的回收线
  • Injection moulding of preforms (MHT.IPS.的)
  • Bottle Development
  • 瓶屏障涂层的开发(VERTRON)

And there is more. We have the competences to offer consulting, feasibility testing and implementation – with an eye for the big picture of our customers’ production processes.


我们有关可持续性的活动的另一个例子是我们的认证计划Enviro,您可能已经从其他博客文章由我的同事们所知Martina Birk

We also have initiated a cross-media information campaign for the context Plastics and CE, at first for our own employees, but now for customers and the public as well. The target is a constructive dialogue and discussion – all input can still be foundonline

简而言之:我们可以提供所需的所有内容or a circular economy, except for the collection systems for the post consumer packaging. But most importantly, we have the complete value chain under one roof, we can “think beyond the first cycle” for a future with high percentages of rPET. When material is used over and over again the challenges are getting bigger – and we have the view over the complete value chain and the toolbox for the challenges in our house.


So much for the part that was expected. But an even more interesting part of the story is, what is really needed for the change to more circular economy?


我们都知道Mismanaged塑料废物的照片,丢失和乱扔垃圾的物品。We all do not like it, but how can we make a change happen? What actually drives a change?

简单的方法是:有些东西被更好的东西取代 - 更方便,更高效,更具成本效益,更快......而在这方面的意思是用户的意思,对于做出决定的人来说意味着更好。例如。更换旧智能手机的较新的智能手机,或者可以在汽车上更换教练和马......事情发生在那样,当决策者显而易见。




在决策中,个人优势经常超过共同的社会,生态和环境效益 - 由于“糟糕”意图,错误信息,在形成意见时缺乏时间,或者只是缺乏兴趣。


What can often be heard is the call for the “responsibility” of the individual, of the industry as such or of the players in the market or industries.

Individual “good” decisions that are based on solid, unbiased information can make a difference, I firmly believe in that.

What they can do is, they can raise awareness and lead by good example. Yes, changes can be driven by individual engagement, but that is the small changes usually.


We must not completely rely on responsible consumers and industry or market actors when it comes to a circular economy.




But we must on the other hand welcome and anticipate new reasonable boundary conditions that can come from legislation and e.g. from big brand customers.




Today we as Krones can be proud of the good and beneficial machinery that we can deliver, of the competences that the people in this company have – and of the Krones capability to think beyond the first cycle.

Krones is a competent player when it comes to the change in direction of a truly circular economy and sustainable beverage packaging.